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Disability and traveling is something that does not go hand in hand.
Imagine going to a ‘wheelchair friendly’ hotel to find out that there are stairs in front of the elevator. How will you be able to use the elevator?

My mom Sheila has MS (Multiple sclerosis) and because of that she uses a scooter to get around and is only able to walk a few steps.
We had that exact experience I just described. The answer to the question is simple. She was not able to use the elevator, which meant that we were not able to get to our hotel room.

These type of experiences causes a lot of stress and have a negative impact on our travel experience.

At GrootTravels we believe that traveling should be a care free experience!

GrootTravels helps people with physical disabilities to see the world without limits. We do that by giving the right, accurate and up-to-date accessibility information of hotels and other accommodations.

Sonia Groot
Founder of GrootTravels

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