Helping the travel and hospitality industry become more accessible

Assess and improve your accessibility with ease. Get GrootTravels certified and establish your business as a trustworthy accessible travel option for people with disabilities.

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Welcome To GrootTravels

Redefining the travel industry approach to Accessible Travel

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the travel and hospitality industry by making it more accessible for everyone. With our comprehensive certification process, businesses can easily assess and enhance their accessibility, becoming leaders in inclusive travel



We have developed a checklist for hotel rooms, tour operators and camping, this checklist can be filled in via your laptop or phone and it automatically makes a listing in the database. You always have access to your listing and have the ability to make any changes.
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Quality Mark

Quality Mark

We only issue our quality mark to companies that have been visited by our accessibility experts. The quality mark creates more trust for the traveler and a change for the accommodation to be booked more than their competitors.

Accessibility Experts

Accessibility Experts

Our accessibility experts are people that understand the needs of the travelers through and through, this makes them perfect to visit accommodations to check if the accessibility offered match the needs of the travelers. These people can be hospitality professionals (trained for accessibility), wheelchair users or caregivers.

Market Access

Market Access

We are a growing company with a growing social media presence. We take many pictures and videos of accommodation to share on our social media so that your future customer can see what you offer.

Market Potential Europe

Get To Know The Accessible Travel
Market In Europe

We have gathered some data from the market and industry that we would like to share with you to show what is happening now, what the problems are and where the opportunities are.

Market Insights


Billion people with a disability worldwide


Million people with disabilities in Europe


Have both the financial and physical means to travel in Europe


Million trips taken per year by people with disabilities



Companies within the travel industry with accessibility offers


Billion Euro Total Industry value of Accessible Travel


Million plus travel businesses can be made ready for accessible travel



Hard to find accessibility information: outdated or simply not offered


Discrimination: hotels, airlines and other accommodations refusing the help these people


Lack of accessible offers: unfortunately not every accessible offer is actually accessible due to different regulations per country and what companies understand what accessibility is.



Billion growth potential per year


Million extra jobs within the travel industry


People with disabilities usually travel together with a partner or kids


Our Solution

Help Build The Future Of Travel

About GrootTravels

Introducing The Reason For GrootTravels

Meet The Founder

Welcome to GrootTravels, my name is Sonia Groot and I am the founder of GrootTravels. We are committed to reshaping the travel industry into an inclusive space for all. We believe that travel should be a universal experience, free from barriers and limitations. By providing comprehensive accessibility information and partnering with businesses to improve their standards, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every traveler, regardless of ability, can explore the world with confidence and ease. Join us on our journey and help build a inclusive travel industry where all of us can enjoy traveling as it should be, care-free.

Why GrootTravels

Meet my incredible parents, Jeroen and Sheila. Our family vacations, once filled with excitement, turned into stressful ordeals due to limited accessibility. Frustrated with the lack of genuinely accessible options, I made it my mission to change this for my mom and all travelers seeking inclusive experiences. I believe that easy to find accessibility information is the key to solving most of the problems we have experienced and that is why GrootTravels for now is only focusing on that. Later we can work on the other problems coming up further in the customer journey. 

Your Accessibility Information
Can Change Worlds

Your information is not just another business opportunity, it actually can help change the world of many travelers and make them feel important and seen in todays in-accessible society, which will overall improve their quality of life. Here are some of the effects on your customer when you make traveling easier for them.


Opens Up New Horizons and Expands Their World


Enjoy the simple joy of traveling with family or partner


Grows their sense of independency and confidence


Accessibility Experts To Check Your Services

You will get the GrootTravels quality mark when a accessibility expert has visited your accommodation or tested a service. The quality mark creates more trust for the traveler because then they know they can trust the information provided. 

What We Do

Take Pictures

Make Content

Improve The Listing

We only ask that one of your employees accompany us whilst we do our accessibility check for any additional questions or help.

Our Solution

Elevate Your Travel Business Now

Make An Account

We make a difference between companies and scouts, with companies we mean hotels, tour operators, apartment owners and campings. Scouts are people that have stayed at different accommodations and want to share their experiences.

Gather Information

Gathering information is very easy, you need your phone for pictures, notepad for notes and a measuring tape to measure everything.

Add Listing

Adding a listing can be done via your desktop, phone and tablet. Make sure that every question is answered to really make your listing complete.

Your Accessible Travel Guide To Amsterdam

GrootTravels has expert travel agents ready to book accessible stays in Amsterdam at our second brand DiscoverAble. Go check it out!

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