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Traveling should be fun and care-free

Values of GrootTravels


Finding an accommodation that fits with your accessibility needs can be difficult and stressful. booking a vacation, going on vacation and returning should all be fun and care - free! One way we practice this value is by showing the possibilities of traveling.

Honest communication

Sugar coating and letting things appear better than they are is something we do not do! We do not edit our pictures to make the room look better than it actually is. We believe that you can decide if a accommodation is accessible enough for you if you are provided with the right information.


Trust is build, and we want to do this with you, because together we can reach the goal of creating a world where people with disabilities and their caregivers can discover the world without limits. Trust that we build this company for you and when you have things that you want to see differently, trust that we will listen to you and do our best.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our promise for the future is that we will create a workspace that will be adapted to the future employees, not the other way around. We now are making sure people feel represented when they look at our content, because we know that representation is one important aspect of diversity.


These values is something we want to see in the companies and people we might work with. We are here to get to this goal, to great impact and make sure that the impact is lasting for the coming years.

I was the one that booked the vacation so I felt responsible when it was not as we hoped.

Meet The Founder

Sonia Groot

Hi, My name is Sonia and I am the founder of GrootTravels.

I started GrootTravels because my mom and I always experienced troubles while traveling.

We have experienced broken equipment, hotels giving our rooms away and even baths in the so called accessible hotel rooms.

Let me tell you about one of my travel stories to London.

As always me and my mom do some research on which hotels have wheelchair friendly hotel rooms. We found this nice hotel close to the centre of London with a wheelchair friendly hotelroom for a family.

Arriving there we see that the receptions desk is too high for my mom to have her check us in, the elevator has only room for one wheelchair and in the lobby there we only toilets me and my dad could use. To our surprise the hotelroom was not any better. The room had no space to move around with a wheelchair and a bathroom with a bath. For my mom that meant that she could not move around in the hotelroom and that she was not able to use the bathroom for the rest of the week. 

I felt responsible when things like this happen because I was the one that booked the hotel. 

Unfortunately we have had these experiences many times.

But no more! GrootTravels will change that for her but also for other people with physical disability.

Discover without limits

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People with disabilities should be able to travel like everyone else.

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