Meet Sonia The Founder

Hi, My name is Sonia and I am the founder of GrootTravels.

I started GrootTravels because my mom and I always experienced troubles while traveling.

Let me tell you about one of my travel stories to London.

As always me and my mom do some research on which hotels have wheelchair friendly hotel rooms. We found this nice hotel close to the centre of London with a wheelchair friendly hotelroom for a family.

Arriving there we see that the receptions desk is too high for my mom to have her check us in, the elevator has only room for one wheelchair and in the lobby there we only toilets me and my dad could use. To our surprise the hotelroom was not any better. The room had no space to move around with a wheelchair and a bathroom with a bath. For my mom that meant that she could not move around in the hotelroom and that she was not able to use the bathroom for the rest of the week. 

Unfortunately we have had these experiences many times.

But no more! GrootTravels will change that for her but also for other people with physical disability.

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