Cancun Airport Transfers

In the Riviera Maya area the Cancun airport is the best airport to fly into. The Cancun International airport is the only airport in the area and it is served by all major International Airlines with direct or non-stop service from anywhere around the world.


Playa del Carmen does not have a airport for tourists. So if you are visiting Playa del Carmen, you have to get a transfer from Cancun airport.

Funny thing about this is that the price of flying from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen actually cheaper is than buying a transfer. (Interesting side note)

So you have 3 options when you are at the airport. 

  1. Transfer company
  2. Taxi
  3. The bus

Within the transfer companies there are also many options.

You can travel alone and arrange a private bus starting from 166,- usd, but if you feel like that is too much you can always cut cost by sharing a transfer bus. This means that you instead of booking a entire bus, you only book a spot on a bus, these busses are usually a 6 seat.

This option is also easy if you travel with a group or family to again rent an 4 seat bus. I recommend for people in wheelchair or people that need extra assistance to rent our a personal bus. You book before hand online and it’s ready when you land. The drivers are bilingual so if you don’t speak Spanish, there is nothing to worry. I recommend this option to everyone. Definitely after a long flight, it’s easy, fast and no hassle like you would have with the public bus and taxi. With those two options it’s always difficult to know if they are accessible enough.

Click here to get redirected to the transfer company and to see your options.

The taxi would be your second best option. With this I am not sure about the cost but it would be around 40,- usd.

they are not trained on handeling people with disabilities so that’s why I am putting it on the second spot. With this I would also recommend to know the basics of Spanish, most of these taxi drivers speak broken English or no English at all. 

Whereas the transfer bus is ready for you, the taxi sometimes takes time to get one. This depends on the season and how many people are at the airport

Find trustworthy taxi’s here

Last but not the least, the bus. There is a bus going from Cancun to playa del carmen. This is the cheapest option. For people on a budget and backpackers this is a great option. 

The bus goes from busstop to busstop which means that it won’t stop in front of your accommodation like the other two options would. 

You can find the bus information here


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