General information
  • Phone number
    +351 220 047 000
  • Languages
    English, Spanish, French
  • Fire protocol
    The person in the wheelchair will the last to be evacuated when there is a fire.
  • Price range
    $$$$ > 100
  • Are special aid animals welcome?
  • Is there handicap parking on the location?
  • Entrance
    One or 2 steps before the entrance
  • Where to enter with the wheelchair
    There is a ramp that they will put at the entrance when the hotel knows that they have a a person that uses a wheelchair staying at their hotel. They will put the ramp down at the dates the person arrives and it will stay till the end date. The ramp is not at the entrance on other days.
  • Do you have a lowered desk at the reception?
  • Is there an elevator in the hotel?
  • How many elevators are there?
  • Entrance of the elevator
    Step free entrance
  • Is there braille in the elevator?
Accessible restroom in the lobby
  • Is there an accessible restroom in the lobby?
  • Accessibility amenities restroom
    Grab bars, 1,5 diameter circle, 75cm space between sink and ground
Additional information
  • What kind of extra facilities do you offer?
    Swimming pool, Sauna, Spa, Restaurant
  • Do the facilities that you have chosen above have accessible amenities?
  • Extra information that people need to know
    Special aid animals are welcome but call the hotel first.
  • Number of rooms adapted for wheelchairs
  • How far is the room from the elevator?
    13 meter
  • Room accessible features
    Door entry width minimal 75cm
  • What is the width of the hallway that goes to the room?
  • Entrance to the room
    Step free entrance
  • Do you have a door closer?
Video of the room
  • Bathroom accessible amenities
    Grab bars near the toilet, Roll in shower, Hot and cold van be regulated, Option to ask for a shower chair
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