General information
  • Phone number
    +351 963 802 000
  • Languages
  • Price range
    $$$ 75 - 100
  • Are special aid animals welcome?
  • Is there handicap parking on the location?
  • Entrance
    Step free entrance
  • Where to enter with the wheelchair
    The step free entrance can be found in the train station. The second entrance has stairs.
  • Do you have a lowered desk at the reception?
  • Is there an elevator in the hotel?
  • How many elevators are there?
  • Entrance of the elevator
    Step free entrance
  • Is there braille in the elevator?
  • What is the square meters of the elevator?
  • Length of the elevator
  • Width of the elevator
  • Width of the elevator doors
  • The Passenger Hostel, Estacao de Sao Bento Praca Almeida Garrett, União de Freguesias do Centro, Porto, Porto 4000-328, Portugal

Accessible restroom in the lobby
  • Is there an accessible restroom in the lobby?
  • Accessibility amenities restroom
    Grab bars
  • Square meters of the restroom
  • Height of the toilet in restroom
  • Space between the sink and the ground
  • Height of the grab bars
  • Width of the door
    Door can be opened with a key
Additional information
  • What kind of extra facilities do you offer?
  • Do the facilities that you have chosen above have accessible amenities?
  • Extra information that people need to know
    The hostel offers two rooms near the shared bathroom sanitair. The first room has a double bed that can be folded out of the wall and the second room has one single bed and a double bed on a second level. There is a breakfast area for the guest but the elevator does not reach to that floor - to solve this issue they allow you to use the kitchen of the staff to cook and eat breakfast.
  • Number of rooms adapted for wheelchairs
  • On which floors are the wheelchair adapted rooms?
    First floor
  • Entrance to the room
    Step free entrance
  • Do you have a door closer?
Video of the room
  • Bathroom accessible amenities
    Grab bars near the toilet, Sink is 75cm from the ground, Space to roll the wheelchair under the sink, Mirror on the height of a seating person, Roll in shower, Shower head places lower, Shower head can be used without the shower holder, Hot and cold van be regulated, Bathroom has 1,5 diameter free, Sliding doors
  • Square meters from the toilet area
  • Square meters shower area
  • Height of the toilet
  • Grab bars height next to the toilet
  • Width of the bathroom door
  • Space between ground and the sink
  • Height of the shower chair
  • Height of the shower head
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