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Mexico sells itself. This is the perfect destination for anyone looking for the perfect blend of traditional and modern cultures. From the jungles of the Yucatan to the deserts of Chiapas, from the colonial history of Mexico City to the futuristic wonders of Cancun, Mexico has something for everyone.

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As you are travelling through mexico, make sure to ask the locals for advice on the best restaurants and cultural experiences. They will be more than happy to help you.


If you want to experience what it feels like to be in a tropical paradise, then you should come to Mexico. The country is full of breathtaking natural wonders, beautiful beaches, and amazing wildlife.


Mexico beaches are exciting and perfect for a family getaway. There are many spots to choose from. Some beaches are isolated and perfect for relaxing. Others are ideal for activities like surfing, diving, and snorkeling. Whatever you're looking for, Mexico has a beach for you.

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Most frequent asked questions about Mexico

No, you cannot. Locals buy either bottled water or have their own water reservoir.

They also do not recommend on recycling the water bottles. When you are done with drinking, just throw your water bottle away and buy a new one. An average water bottle costs around 1 dollar.

You can also boil the water first before you drink it, but that does not get rid of a potential virus in the water. In cities like Mexico City you even have to boil the water for more than 5 minutes because of the elevation.

For Mexico City I would suggest to buy big bottles of water starting at 4 liter at the local supermarket or have it delivered to your door step by Uber eats. 10 liters can be less than 2 dollars

They use Mexican Peso

I recommend for you to download the Currency calculator app, if you are curious on what the currency exchange is.

The app shows you how much 1 peso is in your currency and you can also calculate the difference because they keep the rates up to date.

For example 1 peso is 0,41 euro cent.

You can also use this app without data or wifi, so when you are at the farmers market and you really want to know what you are paying, this app is the perfect solution.

Short answer, if you are staying in Mexico for more than a month, I would really recommend to buy a sim card in the country itself. 

Telcel and AT&T are one of the biggest providers in the country and they have 90% – 94% reach. 
Read my blog Help, what to do with my phone for more options.

If you are only staying for a two week vacation, I would recommend calling your provider just to be sure.

Yes, with every big city there is some dangerous in a sense but if you stay with your tour guide or just visit the tourist places, you should be fine. Pick pockets are a big thing in big cities so always make sure that you keep your belongings close to your and hide some cash in your socks or other places.

Now corona virus is another conversation. Travel only when necessary, and if you decide to travel please check what your country have as regulations.

In The Netherlands we make use of the C plug. In Mexico they make use of a A & B plug.


Traveling in a wheelchair can be challenging in Mexico. In the recent years there have been some improvements but not enough to get around without help. A example would be the use of public transportation in Mexico City. The metro station don’t have elevators and some of the stations also don’t have escalators. The pavements are uneven with not that many ramps, but to give you a more overview of the accessibility and what your options are, we have written a blog so you can decide for yourself! Read Accessibility in Mexico City

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