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From sandy beaches to charming cities, Portugal has something to offer everyone who visits. However, many tourists only hear about the larger cities like Lisbon and Porto, which are great places to visit but don’t give the country the true diversity it deserves. That’s why if you want to discover Portugal, you should balance your visits between bigger cities and lesser known areas so that you can experience it all!


Portugal is on the list of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The country’s national tourist organization considers it safe to travel alone, at night, and outside of cities. Foreigners may be surprised by how many Portuguese people speak English (it's now taught in schools) and that they are quite used to tourists; if you're lost or need help, don't hesitate to ask.

Sea food

When most people think of Portugal, they think of either its wine or its food. Both are excellent reasons to visit Portugal! The Portuguese cuisine is popular for its simplicity and reliance on fresh ingredients, many picked from nearby gardens, forests, rivers and seas. To top it off, Portuguese wines rank among Europe’s best wines.


Portugal has a long and rich history that goes back thousands of years. Lisbon, for example, is home to both UNESCO World Heritage Sites—the Castle of St. George and Tower of Belem—as well as religious sites like Mosteiro dos Jeronimos Monastery and Church of Santa Engracia. There are also dozens of small towns where you can explore centuries-old churches and cathedrals; some even date back to Roman times!

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Most frequently asked questions about Portugal.

Yes, but there is a lot of chlorine in the water which you can also taste. You can buy filtered water at the local supermarket. Prices start from 40 cent for a 1,5 liter bottle.

They use euros.

In Porto there are also some places where they only accept cash, so we recommend for you to always keep some cash in your pocket.

Yes, with every big city there is some dangerous in a sense but if you stay with your tour guide or just visit the tourist places, you should be fine. Pick pockets are a big thing in big cities so always make sure that you keep your belongings close to your and hide some cash in your socks or other places.

Now corona virus is another conversation. Travel only when necessary, and if you decide to travel please check what your country have as regulations.

Traveling in a wheelchair can be challenging in Portugal. 

We have zoomed in on Porto; the second biggest city in Portugal.

Porto is very hilly. With this we mean that you keep walking up and down the hill to get somewhere. Even though most of the tourist attraction are close to each other the hills can be difficult for people that have trouble walking.

Read more about the accessibility here.

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