Things to Know When Traveling to Mexico City

Some things you have to keep in mind while being in Mexico City:

Mexico city is very big and many things that you consider ordinary in your country might becoming a problem here, like drinking water from the faucet, walking around late at night, the noise you constantly hear or even sitting on a bench.

You have to be extra careful while drinking water because it could be one of the leading reasons for foreigners to get sick due the way it’s processed. Buying bottled water is very normal in Mexico City and you can get it delivered to your house. 10 liters of filtered water is less than 1 euro. You can order this on the Uber app so you won’t have to carry it back to your accommodation. 

The noice pollution can really get on your nerves after a few days. It gets even worse if you live close to some busy streets or metro lines. We recommend you to find a hotel that has soundproof windows so that when you are at the hotel, you can actually get some rest. 

Another thing that has to be taken care of is the security in Mexico City. You might think it is safe to walk around at night because there are a lot of people out and you can feel quite safe, but when you get home after 8 pm, always make sure all doors and windows are locked. Try not to stay outside until late because this city became even more dangerous at night with armed robberies and kidnappings. Be aware of your surroundings when walking on the street and always walk somewhere with a lot of people.

The police force in Mexico City is not one hundred percent trustworthy and you should definitely avoid them if possible or ask for someone who speaks Spanish along if something bad happens. The police can take advantage of you when they notice that you don’t speak Spanish. 

Beggars will show up here and there when you least expect it so it’s probably better that you ignore them entirely if possible or just give them some food if you can spare some. Locals say “no thank you” to be polite.

Street food is delicious, but you might get sick after eating it on more than one occasion, so it’s best to be careful! Locals use this one rule; if its crowded at a food stand, it means is good and safe to eat. If there are only 1 or 2 people at a stand, changes are you will get sick by eating that food.

 Mexico city is a huge mix of all sorts of cultures and you can hear a lot of different languages being spoken here. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new, but keep in mind not everyone knows English so learning some Spanish phrases will make your stay more enjoyable.

Don’t be surprised if people bump into you on the street because it happens very often that locals run into each other or want to walk through as soon as possible! You might even get hit from behind by someone who has been pushed too hard by someone trying to pass them. 

Mexico City is a beautiful city, but with every city there is something that you should look out for. Don’t be afraid but be aware! 


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