Why You Should Visit Portugal

Portugal is a very enchanting country, and anyone who has been there knows it is a country of hidden treasures. It is popular among people who love to discover new places and immerse themselves in different cultures. The country’s rich history adds greatly to its appeal, but you can also find a lot of natural beauties that will leave you speechless. For these reasons, here are ten reasons why everyone should visit Portugal at least once in their lives

1) It’s Affordable

As a tourist in Portugal, you’ll find it more affordable than most European countries. If you come prepared, and with cash in hand, you can visit almost all of its fantastic cities on a shoestring budget. While there are plenty of expensive attractions and accommodations in some areas, you can still get an authentic Portuguese experience on a tight budget. For example, Lisbon is packed with free sights such as Belém Tower and Belem Cultural Center and at local restaurants you can get a full dinner for only 5,-. 

2) Loads to see

With a convenient and easy to use transit system, and delicious cuisine and culture, there’s no reason why Portugal shouldn’t be on your travel bucket list. And with their famous custard tarts, hearty stews, and fresh seafood, you’ll never run out of culinary experiences to discover. If you love beaches and water sports, then take a trip to Peniche where you can ride horses along its beautiful sandy beaches. If ancient history interests you then take a trip to Tomar where you can see for yourself one of Europe’s most beautiful examples of Templar architecture in Castelo de Tomar.

3) It’s Safe

Portugal is on the list of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The country’s national tourist organization considers it safe to travel alone, at night, and outside of cities. Foreigners may be surprised by how many Portuguese people speak English (it’s now taught in schools) and that they are quite used to tourists; if you’re lost or need help, don’t hesitate to ask. If you want to experience Portugal like a local do not be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone.

4) It Has Well-Manicured Towns And Cities

Porto in particular is known for its well-maintained, historic architecture that makes it seem almost Disney-like at times. I don’t know about you, but I’m always impressed when people take care of their cities in a way that keeps them clean and historically preserved. It just goes to show you what can happen when people work together to make something happen. Manicured isn’t usually one of my go-to adjectives when describing a city, but it fits with Porto.

5) Great Weather All Year Round

Lisbon’s weather is pretty much perfect. There are a few months of rain in autumn and winter, but when it does rain, it tends to only last for a short while. In general, temperatures hover between 60–85 degrees F (15–30 degrees C) all year round. Perfect weather to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking in Serra da Estrela or surfing at Baleal Beach!

6) Fantastic Food And Wine

When most people think of Portugal, they think of either its wine or its food. Both are excellent reasons to visit Portugal! The Portuguese cuisine is popular for its simplicity and reliance on fresh ingredients, many picked from nearby gardens, forests, rivers and seas. To top it off, Portuguese wines rank among Europe’s best wines. Whether you’re just visiting or living in Porto or Lisbon, you can enjoy these fantastic foods and drinks at some of the city’s many dining options.

7) Historic Sites

Portugal has a long and rich history that goes back thousands of years. Lisbon, for example, is home to both UNESCO World Heritage Sites—the Castle of St. George and Tower of Belem—as well as religious sites like Mosteiro dos Jeronimos Monastery and Church of Santa Engracia. There are also dozens of small towns where you can explore centuries-old churches and cathedrals; some even date back to Roman times! With such a wealth of history and architecture, it’s no wonder that Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

8) Beaches For Days

When most people think of Portugal, they’re likely to first picture its shoreline. The waters surrounding Lisbon are filled with colorful sails and epic cliffs, which provide breathtaking views on both calm and stormy days. If you’re hoping to get in on that sightseeing action, look for flights to Lisbon using an online travel agency like Skyscanner. Once you’ve landed in your new home base, consider catching a train (or bus) and hitting up some of these other top beaches: Azores Islands: This archipelago in mid-Atlantic is home to several popular beaches, including Santa Maria beach (pictured above). Fernando de Noronha: Just off Brazil’s coast lies a remote tropical island, known for its miles of pristine shoreline.

9) Museums To Explore Any Time Of The Year

Museums are a great place to visit throughout the year, but it’s even better when you can go to a museum and know exactly what you’re going to see. In all honesty, that’s one of my biggest gripes with modern museums – a lot of them rotate exhibits too frequently. That means I may have visited a museum two years ago for one exhibit and then return two years later only to find another exhibition. That kind of defeats much of my purpose for going to a museum in terms of gaining education or inspiration from artifacts that have been preserved over time.

10) Amazing Views Of Nature

No matter where you go in Portugal, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a picture postcard. The country is covered with lush green scenery and is home to many impressive landscapes. The views from some of their hilltop towns and villages look like something out of a fantasy novel, and you can even climb up giant sand dunes in some parts of the country. There are plenty of opportunities for nature-lovers to explore throughout Portugal, whether that be through hiking or surfing, or maybe just relaxing on one of their pristine beaches. If you want an experience that will help you truly get away from it all, then take a trip to Lisbon today! It’s time for another vacation!


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